About Us

     North Western Enterprises Ltd. is a holding company, that was established in 1990. We invest in a variety of vehicles to provide growth and gains over the long term. We actively manage our divisions in the music and entertainment industries on a daily basis.

     From very modest beginnings, through constant change, North Western has grown to well over $100,000 in tangible assets and has an enviable long-term debt free position. We are now running four interrelated divisions.

MudsharkAudio is Ottawa's premiere mobile recording and restoration service.

vanörange records is an independent record label that has established distribution capabilities.

Arkangel Productions offers graphic arts and design services; including web design work, album covers and visual materials.

360 Duplication provides CD and DVD duplication services for both large and small/unique projects.

     We at North Western look to expand each division, and in conjunction we will benefit from all our small successes.

     North Western's management personnel are leaders in their fields, with vast experience.

Andrew Brittain, Executive Director - Received scholarships and top marks at the University of Ottawa, and Carleton University. Founder of vanörange records.

Nicholas Holub, Administrative Director - BAdmin, University of Ottawa. Markets analyst for two decades, originator of NWEL. Founder of Arkangel Productions.

Jason Thompson, Technical Director - Recording Engineer, TARA Audio Recording Academy. Seasoned recording engineer, musician, and A+ Certified Computer Technician. Originator of MudsharkAudio.

     North Western Enterprises Ltd. is a privately owned corporation, formed under Ontario articles in 1990.

Assets ('000s)200520062007
 Cash & Investments.37.542.56
 Common Shares2.42.42.40
 Preferred Shares96.92113.83122.53
 Retained Earnings(14.20)(26.40)(46.81)
 Gross Income7.549.644.76
 Net Income(Loss)(14.20)(12.20)(20.41)
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